• Eine kleine Einführung in wichtige Unterschiede zwischen IPv6 und IPv4

    Für ein Hobbyprojekt habe ich mich letztens mit IPv6 befasst. IPv6 weist ein paar wichtige Unterschiede zu IPv4 auf, die man meines Erachtens direkt am Anfang kennen sollte, um nicht mit einem IPv4-Denken an IPv6 heranzugehen. In diesem Artikel möchte ich kurz die für mich wichtigen Unterschiede erklären, die mir beim Verständnis von IPv6 etwas Schwierigkeiten gemacht haben.

  • Interlude: Setup an automated RabbitMQ Provider

    Let’s step back a bit regarding our cloud computing undertaking and look at the results we have achieved so far. We can now create new VMs based on base-images with a single message to RabbitMQ. We can stop, restart or delete these VMs with other messages and we are able to find out the IP address of the guest VM.

  • Detect IP Address of QEMU Guest VM on a Bridged Network

    In the cloud computing tutorial we are starting VMs with QEMU dynamically, but I am relying on the DHCP server in my router to assign IP addresses. This is a problem because every time I want to SSH into a server, I have to lookup the current IP lease for the VM on my router’s web interface. In this part of the tutorial series we will look at possible solutions to retrieve the guest IP address of a QEMU VM and implement one of them.

  • Cleaning up Message Routing of our Cloud Computing Project

    In this tutorial we will setup correct message passing in RabbitMQ for our cloud computing provider. If you think back to the first tutorial, you might remember that we had the problem that list-vms commands were only sent to one server - just like all other messages. Moreover, what use is it if server A gets the create VM command, but server B gets the delete VM command for the same VM? Our users would get erroneous replies that the VM does not exist. As you can see there is quite some mess to clean up.

  • Messaging Systems: RabbitMQ - Part 2

    It’s already been quite some time since I have written about MQTT and ZeroMQ. Let’s continue the overview over messaging systems with a look into RabbitMQ now. I am currently using RabbitMQ for my tutorial series on the development of a simple cloud computing platform.