• Lowercase all Tags in Jekyll Posts using sed

    I’m currently reading the book sed & awk by Dale Dougherty and Arnold Robbins and already in the third chapter I learnt amazing new features. Like probably many other people up to now I have only used sed for simple one-liner replacement commands using the sed commands s or d. Whenever I wanted to achieve something, I had to use a search engine, look up a few answers on stackoverflow and then adjust them. But that’s not the way I want to learn my tools! I want to learn them profoundly.

  • Quickly Filtering Photos with sxiv

    One reason why I like Linux and its ecosystem is that software is mostly scriptable. If it does not do what I want it to do, there’s usually a way to extend it. While writing this post, I’m going through my collection of photos to select some that I want to print.

  • Different Ways to Install Syslinux from Archlinux

    Recently, I migrated a computer from a 2TB hard disk to a 4TB hard disk, which means I had to switch from DOS partition layout to GPT. However, this PC was not booting with UEFI. On another PC I am booting with UEFI. Which means, I am managing different bootloader scenarios, all with Syslinux. In this post I want to collect my notes to keep an overview over my setups.

  • Code Structure of Watson Time Tracking (Python)

    In this post I want to have a look at the code structure of Watson, a simple Python program for time tracking. It is the first of hopefully a long series of articles in which I analyse the architecture of open source projects. Watson is quite simple and is programmed in my primary language (Python), so it is a good starting point.

  • German Account Names in hledger

    I’m currently switching from ledger-cli to hledger and I am using the chance to clean up my old accounting data a bit at the same time. Up to now I have used the standard English accounting structure that is recommended by these tools with root accounts named Assets, Equity, Liabilities, Income and Expenses and tried to keep the names of all sub accounts in English.