In a previous blog post, I wrote a script to extract RSS feed URLs from Youtube channel URLs. It seems Youtube has recently updated the URL schema for named channels, channels may now start with a @ symbol and in this case don’t have the /c/ path in the URL anymore. An example for such a URL is

Luckily, the page content has not changed, so we can easily update the script. We just need to check two variants for $channel_with_name. Maybe this would not even be needed. Possibly all channel URLs were changed, but in case of Google/Youtube I would keep all my options available.

Instead of the following URL check:

channel_with_name=$(echo $url | grep '[0-9a-zA-Z_-][0-9a-zA-Z_-]*' --only-matching)

We just use the following:

channel_with_name=$(echo $url | grep -E "$regexp" --only-matching)

And we’re ready to go:

$ ./
$ ./
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